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What We Offer

We operate on a 5-model plan to create and deliver innovative solutions for rural communities to address issues of safe access to water, sanitation, health, food and energy. This model comprises: Design, Research, Consultancy, Education and Publishing.


We undertakes innovative research towards the efficient use and development of water and environmental resources for sustainable development.


We develop projects that provide answers to potable water supply, safe sanitation, improved public health care and efficient management of energy resources.


Green WaterHut has also established a Publishing Unit to publish all the research and project outcomes of the organisation for dissemination to the public.


The Education Unit of Green WaterHut organizes training programmes for all stakeholders involved in the development, provision and management of water, sanitation, health, agriculture and energy resources.


Green WaterHut’s Consultancy Unit deals with the promotion and capacity building in the areas of water, sanitation, health, agriculture and energy management.