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We welcome everyone to become friends of Green WaterHut and join the wave! We are happy to exchange banners with you.

Nature Today
Nature Today is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation promoting conservation and sustainable utilization of environmental and natural resources.The organisation is currently based in Ghana and constitutes a team of experts, students and civil society groups which seeks to support conservation of natural resources.The aim of the organisation is to enhance capacity and promote the sustainable development of natural resources, harmonizing conservation principles with scientific, technological and socioeconomic development to ensure good public health and alleviation of poverty.

Rain Foundation
RAIN is an international network with the aim to increase access to water for vulnerable sections of society in developing countries. RAIN focuses on field implementation of small-scale rainwater harvesting projects, capacity building of local organisations and knowledge exchange on rainwater harvesting on a global scale.

The Water Channel
TheWaterChannel brings together insights in today's water challenges, multimedia expertise, a passion for better water management and better water services for a growing world. Join the wave and become part of a global movement.

ITI Group
inspired To innovate (iTi) primary objective is to harness talents and skills to achieve innovative solutions for real-time problems and needs of Africa and the world at large and thus contribute our quota to the development processes seen in most developing countries. They also focus on the development of intensive programs for increasing Africa's participation in the field of engineering and engineering technology. Other specialty involves providing innovative and sustainable solutions in the area of renewable energy, waste management, water resources and supply.

Health and Environmental Management Society (HEMS) is a non-profit oriented organization dedicated towards various social, environmental and health issues. It is the dream of the organisation to actively work towards bringing about a just society, where all sections of society are empowered to prosperity, wellness and blooming health.

ESIPPS International
ESIPPS focuses its services on capacity building including tailor-made and regular training course development and delivery at local, national and international level. The services are delivered in the field of environmental information, planning and policy.

Little Bee Community Ltd
Little Bee Community is a multi-disciplinary collective. Our team are business development professionals, fundraisers, agricultural engineers, architects, sustainability consultants and designers, all with a passion for work in the social space that improves lives in meaningful ways.